About MEP

Hi there. This is a prototype for Monitoring the Earth Project (MEP) which is my digital product for the 2020 space camp application. MEP is a fully integrated map of physical, chemical and biological factors influencing the Earth. With ground sensors operated by UN, international satellite data and AI processing, MEP can help us decide the best locations for renewable energy power plants, agricultural fields and water catchment areas.

The five key objectives of MEP are

  1. Locate renewable energy wells, fertile lands and water catchment areas.
  2. Forecast natural disasters
  3. Monitor CO2 levels of each country consistently and reliably
  4. Analyse and prepare for climate change
  5. Measure and improve the effectiveness of conservation efforts

However, MEP is still in prototype form and no ground sensors are linked to this online platform yet. The data displayed from ground stations are generated according to global average values and their latitudes using Python. This prototype serves to demonstrate the integration and visualisation of data collected around the world in all aspects. Do not use the data for scientific purposes as it may be inaccurate.

The links of satellites and videos in AI prediction are from to NASA. I choose NASA due to its wealth of computing power and data. When coding MEP, I have discovered NASA has a similar pioneering project. Nevertheless, MEP is unique in its use of global ground sensors, satellites and AI integration to discover the full potential of Earth. It will greatly help in practical development to solve our growing demand of energy, water and food.

MEP prototype coded by Chooi Je Qin for Space Camp 2020. Used languages: PHP, Javascript, Python